NeoFS: Storing object data according to your rules

RU / Day 2 / 10:45 / Track 3

The generally accepted and time-tested approach to constructing DWH is the Star or Snowflake scheme. This approach is canonical, fundamental, NeoFS is an open source system that helps to solve the problem of reliable storage of fixed data in an unreliable environment, in accordance with user-specified rules. Now you can host low-cost computers and organize big data storage on them in multiple offices or even at the home of a distributed team. NeoFS supports the AWS S3 protocol, so you don't need to rewrite your favorite software. And with a placement policy, you can keep data close to handlers and save time on network transfers.

Stanislav wants to share the example of how you can replace the centralized S3 for storing data with a more accessible solution, organize policies so that data processing becomes more efficient. And also tell why there are multigraphs, homomorphic cryptography, multi-pass games, zero-knowledge proofs, and other mathematics.

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