Safe interactive big data at the bank: Business intelligence on Clickhouse

RU / Day 2 / 12:30 / Track 4

We have many systems in banks: generating, storing, and sometimes analyzing various client and internal data. Very often these systems are badly connected and form Data Silo, and in many cases, it happens due to the complexity of regulating access to data.

Data Silo makes it difficult to use data to find new business opportunities. Deutsche Bank has found an effective way to overcome this problem and built a safe DWH based way on Clickhouse, Kafka and Spark.

In his talk, Pavel will tell you what caused data fragmentation in his organization, and what typical analytics scenarios suffer as a result. He will also explain in detail how to build a safe DWH on Clickhouse. The listener will be able to learn about the failures and avoid such mistakes, as well as decide for himself whether his organization needs a data lake and whether a Clickhouse is right for him.

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